Daihatsu Tanto L

This vehicle is registered in July 2011, Daihatsu/DAIHATSU Tanto/TANTO Grade: L.
It has a left rear sliding door, a memory navigation system with built-in one-segment TV, and a bench seat in the front seat.
The size is perfect for families with children.
The sliding door makes it safe for children to open and close.
The car has been inspected until April 2024, so you can drive it right away and don’t have to worry about the inspection fee.
You can drive the car home after payment.
We have a contract with a land transportation company, so we can deliver the car nationwide for an additional fee.

There are minor scratches and fading throughout.

There are some scratches and stains in various places.
The room has been cleaned.

Engine and Electrical System
The engine, transmission, and air conditioner are in good working order, but due to the high mileage, the vehicle will be given priority.

The car will be driven on the premises to maintain its condition, so the mileage will increase slightly.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in the car.

《Vehicle Details》.
The second generation “Tanto,” a tall minicar launched in 2003, was characterized by its overwhelmingly spacious interior and excellent visibility. The 2007 full model change brought a center pillar-less, sliding “Miracle Open Door” design.
The 4-speed AT was eliminated and a CVT was installed in all models for smooth acceleration with no shocks or time lags in shifting.
In terms of features, a sliding door step lamp that illuminates the foot area of the Miracle Open Door opening and an overhead console with storage capacity for the front seats as well as the rear seats are now available (both are standard equipment on some grades).
The Tanto is powered by a 660cc inline 3-cylinder 12-valve engine that produces 52 hp and comes in two models: the entry-level “L” model and the “X” model equipped with a key-free system and ABS (with EBD and brake assist),
The “X Special,” which is based on the X and comes with carefully selected equipment, and the top-of-the-line “G” grade are available.
All NA models are now equipped with the second-generation KF engine.
With the exception of the Tanto Welcome Seat, all NA models qualify for a 75% reduction in the eco-car tax reduction program.

Equipment and options
Rear wiper
Driver-side airbag
Passenger seat airbag
Front seatbelt pretensioners
Front seat belt force limiter
Rear three-point seat belts
Side impact bar
Brake assist
Collision-safe body
Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
Anti-theft system
Air Conditioner
Power windows
Centralized door locks